Work Life Harmony

Work Life harmony

We have a culture of autonomy & accountability. We believe everyone has the ability to do something big and is expected to contribute, create and share.
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Results matter more than 'where' you work from or what time you choose to work at. We provide everyone with utmost flexibility. We don’t have a fixed 9-5 workday or any paid time off policy for any of our team-members. We have a 100% flexible Work-From-Anywhere Policy - you decide where you want to join your video calls from. The key is flexibility and support.
It's not an 'Open door' policy, it's a 'No door' policy. We are uncomfortably Transparent. Everyone has an open access to anyone in the company. With an exceptionally high talent density, transparency becomes power as we have hundreds of Safe Agents.
We take having fun very seriously
We celebrate small wins at every milestone with not just the team but their families as well. We have open platforms for teams to express their feelings, mood, and strike watercooler conversations even while working remotely.
Maternal / Parental Leaves
We believe that the most magical day of an individual’s life is the birth or adoption of a child. Our Parental Leave Policy is “Care for and bond with your newborn”.

Employee Benefits

Living our culture of autonomy & accountability, we don’t want to make the decisions for you around your finances.
Stock Option Program

We grant an option to our Employee to acquire equity shares of the Company at a future date and/or at a predetermined price. This is based on performance and new hires policy

Pay Top of the Market

To attract & retain top talent, we pay our employees top of the market. We want to build a team of Rockstars around the world and our goal is to keep each employee at the top of the market. We keep with the market trends proactively and adjust with the compensation structure accordingly.

Medical Insurance

We provide medical insurance benefits for employees and their immediate family members

Life Insurance

We provide The Corporate Group Term Life benefit to our employees that provides life cover, by paying a lump sum benefit to the beneficiary in case of an unfortunate event of Death.


We care about our employees and their future. We have a 401k plan for every employee in the AMS region.

Expense & Work Related

There are hardly any “rules” to constrain you when you are working with us. It’s quite simple - ensuring your heart, head, words and actions are aligned. Our vacation, travel, expense policy and other expenses are simple: “Using your judgement, act in the best interest of Safe Security” Use your judgement to make decisions and when in doubt, seek to understand.

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